Setting the Appearance of ROIs and Annotations

The appearance of ROIs and Annotations is controlled through the Display Options dialog accessed from the Select ribbon's Regions of Interest and Annotations groups, respectively. The Display Options dialog allows you to change the border color, border width, and line style attributes for ROIs. 

To set/change the appearance attributes for annotations and ROIs in the active image:

Click on the Select tool in the Regions of Interest or Annotations group, depending on whether you want to change the appearance of an ROI or an Annotation. These tool groups are located on the Select tab.

In the image, click on the ROI or annotation you want to modify.

Click Options] in the Annotations group .

The Display Options dialog appears in the Details area.  The controls this dialog provides depends on the type of ROI you have selected.  For example, if you selected a Polygon-type ROI, the Display Options dialog appears contains specific controls for polygons.

The controls that allow you change the appearance of ROIs are identical to those that allow you change the appearance of overlays.  See Object Properties for detailed descriptions of all of the controls on the Display Options dialog.