Resizing an Image

Image-Pro allows you to rotate or resize images opened in the application workspace.

To resize an image, follow these instructions:

Open the image you want to resize.

Select the Geometry group from the Adjust ribbon.

Click on the arrow below the Resize tool to display the Resize pull-down menu.

Do one of the following:

To maintain aspect ratio in the image:

Select the lock tool; enter a target width in the upper most spin box or a target height in the other spin box.

To resize without necessarily maintaining the aspect ratio:

Unselect the lock tool; enter the target width (in pixels) in the uppermost spin box; enter the target height (in pixels) in the other spin box.  

Use the resize pixel value controls to resize the horizontal and vertical size of the image.

Click on the down arrow to the right of the Resize tool.  

The smoothing options menu appears.

Select the type of smoothing you require for your resized image.

Click Resize..

The resized image will appear in the Image-Pro workspace.