Setting up a Digital Camera

Image-Pro with Capture Module Only

Before attempting to view live images and capture them, you need to set up your digital camera.

To set up your digital camera:

Ensure that the correct Capture Interface and Capture Driver have been installed, and that your camera is switched on and correctly connected to your computer. You can check our hardware support page for more details.

Select the Capture tab.

All correctly installed cameras are listed in the pull-down menu beneath the Live button in the Cameras tool group. Check that your camera is selected in this list.

Click the Live button to show the Capture Panel.

Click the Lens Options button in the Optical Characteristics tool group.

The Lenses panel is displayed. Use the Lenses panel to define the lenses that you wish to use with your camera and to select the correct spatial calibration for each lens. The calibration that is associated with the active lens will be automatically applied to images or image sets captured with that lens. Click here for details about how to define a set of lenses using the lenses panel.