What is License Linking?

Image-Pro is licensed by linking licenses to a valid target. A computer, HASP HL Max Dongle, or a License Server are valid targets. You only need to link your license to a single target. License bundles must include the Image-Pro base product — without this, the application will not run. Functionality is extended when Modules and Extensions are added to a bundle. You can manage your bundles on the My Products page of your myMediaCy account.

License targets provide different degrees of accessibility to licenses. If you use a computer as your target, only users of that computer can access the licenses linked to it. If you use a dongle as your target, you can plug the dongle into any computer to give users of the computer access to the linked licenses. If you use the License Server as your target, users of any computers on the same local area network (LAN) as the License Server can access the linked licenses.

License linking is flexible and reversible, you are free to un-link licenses from one target and re-link them to a second target whenever, and as often as you like.

The License Manager

License Linking is done using the Media Cybernetics License Manger. This is a small standalone application that allows you to easily manage license bundles. Sign into your myMediaCy account from the license manager before managing your license bundles.

Roles and License Linking

The ability to link licenses is dependent upon your team role. Administrators and Standard users can link licenses to all valid targets. Finance and Basic users can not link licenses. Your team administrator can change your role in your team (see My Team).



Finance Standard Basic
Can link & start trial x   x  
Can link/unlink computer licenses x   x  
Can link/unlink dongle licenses x   x  
Can link/unlink server licenses x   x  
Can reserve/free server licenses x   x  

Accessing the License Manager

There are several ways to access the License Manager.

  • Open an unlicensed copy of Image-Pro during the trial period, and select the Access License Manager option.

  • Open an unlicensed copy of Image-Pro outside of the trial period — the License Manager will open automatically.

  • Open a licensed copy of Image-Pro and select License Manager from the Help menu (located in the top right of the application).

  • You can download and run the License Manager from here: