Support Tickets

Our technical support team are happy to help with technical questions or bug reports for any of your Media Cybernetics products.

My Tickets

Use the My Tickets page to create support tickets, and to see a table of your existing support tickets.

Creating support tickets

  1. Click the Create Ticket button.

  2. In the dialog that opens, complete as many field as possible (fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory).
    A detailed description and attached screen shots greatly assist our support team to rapidly understand and solve your issue.

  3. Click Submit.

You will receive an e-mail notification confirming that your request has been received and your newly opened ticket will be listed in the My Tickets page.

Open Tickets

Open technical support tickets are shown on the My Tickets page of your account page. Each ticket is shown with its reference number and description. Click on the description to see a record of your conversation with the technical support team and to respond to the latest message from the team.

Re-Opening a Solved Ticket

If you need to re-open a technical support ticket after the ticket has been marked as Solved.

  1. Click the Action drop down for the ticket in question.

  2. Select the option Re-Open.

    This action will notify the Media Cybernetics Support Team and allow you to send messages through the system associated with this original ticket.

Use the Sort By: drop down to organize tickets by Age, Subject, Stage, Reference, or Last Stage Update.

Use the Filter By: drop down to filter tickets by Assigned, Unassigned, Open, Closed, Last Message is From Support, or Last Message is From Customer.

Use the Group By: drop down to group tickets by Stage.

Use the Search drop down and Search field to search for text in Content, Messages, Customers, Reference, Stage or in All fields.