My Account

A 'myMediaCy' account gives you access to your existing Media Cybernetics’ products, quick access to downloads, future orders and invoices, support tickets, and license management for newer products.

Account Registration is limited to:

  • Existing customers.

  • The designated software license administrator.

All other access must be granted using an administrator account.

To Register an account:

If sent an email invitation...

Open the email invitation and click the link to verify your email.

The link will direct you to a webpage to complete the registration process. See step 7 below.

If registering on your own…

  1. Open a web-browser and go to

  2. Click Sign in at the top of the page.

  3. Click on the Register Now button on the sign in page.

  4. Enter your Basic Information in the fields shown (required fields are marked with an asterisk).

  5. Read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use and click Register.

    A message will be sent to the email address you provided.

  6. Click the link in the email message to confirm your email address. This link will direct you to a webpage to complete the registration process.

    Your email address and name will be displayed along with a request to provide your password.

  7. Click Save & Sign in.

  8. Enter the remaining information about yourself and your organization and click Save.

    A message will appear asking if you would like to provide any existing software product details. This information will help us to relate your new account to previous purchase and support activity.

  9. After completed, click Register.

    You will be directed to your new "My Account" page.