Launching Image-Pro

You can launch Image-Pro by double clicking the shortcut on the desktop or by clicking on Image-Pro in the Windows Start menu.

Import Settings

If you have used an older version of Image-Pro on your computer a dialog is displayed with the text ‘Old Settings information have been detected for the logged user. Would you like Image-Pro to import these settings?’ Click Yes to import these settings which include spatial calibrations, lenses, layouts, and scripts. Doing this will allow you to make a seamless transition from the older version to the current version of Image-Pro. Copies are made of the settings which remain available to the older version, so we recommend that you import settings during the trial period.

Setting File Associations

The Set Associations for Image-Pro dialog opens the first time that you run Image-Pro. Select Yes to choose the file types that you want to automatically open in Image-Pro. Any associated file types that you double click in a Windows File Explorer will automatically open in Image-Pro.

You can set the file associations at any time by opening the Windows settings app by selecting Default apps and selecting Choose default applications by file type.